Captain Bob's Dial A Sail & Easy True Plotter


 With all the many Points of Sail on a Starboard Tack and a Port Tack, knowing when  the boat is  Close Hauled, Close Reach, Beam Reach, Broad Reach, and on a Run or Sailing by the Lee, the Compass is the best indication of the Boats relationship to the True Wind.

With this entire math to figure out wouldn’t it be nice to have a “computer” to easily ascertain the correct compass degrees?  

There is such a “computer” with the Dial-A-Sail.  Just Dial in the Wind Direction and instantly all the necessary information is provided. 

To sail fast and safe, use the Dial-A-Sail to properly sail the boat to the true wind on the best point of sail --- then adjust the sails to the apparent wind for maximum speed.  Knowing the degrees of the accidental jibe zone allows the compass to warn you of any danger.

Use the Dial A Sail Point of Sail Calculator for fast answers.!!




Have you been searching for the computer tool that will allow you to quickly learn and be on the many Points of Sail on each Tack?  Then the Dial-A-Sail is the answer!  
Compliment your 
instructions by using Dial-A-Sail to be on the proper heading for each point of sail.  Avoid the accidental jibe!

The Dial-A-Sail sells for $23.45   

The True Plotter makes navigation to your destination easy.  Quickly ascertain the True Heading from the Chart, make any corrections to magnetic or Steering per ships compass. 
Easy to use with limited space, on a rocking boat!

Dial A Sail
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